SMA 16 Plus Pisač Arhiva
1 Novembra, 2016
DRS 2000 DCS
1 Novembra, 2016
SMA - Three Letters Change an Industry

METIS Revolutionizes Industry with new Scanner!

After METIS has set the standard with their scanners DRS 1600 and DRS 2000 the Italian manufacturer once again introduces a groundbreaking product. The new SUPERSCAN PM3D revolutionizes the possibilities of digitizing surfaces. Other scanners have either a limited illumination system or limited resolution or a limited scanning area. As a result structures of larger originals can either not be scanned at all or the structures can only be captured into one direction.

The new illumination concept of the SUPERSCAN PM3D allows it to combine several independently operating illumination elements. Even within each ilumination element it is possible to vary the light settings. As a result it is possible to create thousands of different lighting scenarios. Every type of surface – regardless of the direction of the structure – can be digitized up to a size of 2 meters by 1.3 meters. The first time in the history of scanning a large wood panel can be digitized with a single scan showing the complete surface structure in all directions.

Those high resolution scans including the 3D depth map can for example be used for the production of engraving rollers.

The SUPERSCAN PM3D achives a true optical resolution of 1200 ppi over the entire scanning range.
This is also uniquie in this industry!